” Sahityanama “, the prestigious magazine had its first edition on 15th August 2019 as a glorious extension of “The Face Of India “, a magazine dedicated to the social and national issues . The monthly magazine offering place to all the genres of literature encourages rising literary talents including the eminent ones . Since literature mirrors society ” Sahitynama ” has always been concerned with the promotion of high ideas that lead mankind to the path of peace ,progress and prosperity . Universal welfare exists at the heart of the magazine . The magazine arranges literary competitions with a view to giving recognition to high category of literature . Special editions are brought out from time to time to collect manifold aspects of a particular subject or a particular towering literary figure . We are relentlessly working for the promotion of the magazine far and wide . Democratic values are the core ideas of the magazine . And for the same the reach of the magazine to common people is a must . For the fulfilment of the mission the prestigious magazine is going to connect more and more readers . Novel ideas are always accepted with positive note and great zeal . This magazine is proud of giving opportunities to emerging literary talents and thus promoting the democratic spirit that the magazine cherishes . The magazine entertains no flattery , favouritism and plagiarism and thus advocates originality and universality in the part of the published works . The magazine is dedicated to the true literary spirit . We hope the continuation of the support we are having from the writers and the readers right from the first edition of the magazine .